Company Headquartered in Portugal

Most hosting providers who are on the Internet are, often, resellers of international services, and are not even operating legally. GetHost4You is part of WebTuga, a company based in Portugal and constituted by a team of people with Portuguese nationality always available to help you.

Servers in Europe/Portugal

Many of the Portuguese internet service providers resell services located on servers abroad. GetHost4You has its own racks, located in national Data Centers, which ensures quick access to our servers in case of maintenance, and low-latency access to sites.

High-Performance Servers

The servers that constitute the infrastructure of the GetHost4You have high-performance processors and memory to ensure the smooth running of their sites. Used for standard servers QuadCore processors, 8GB of Ram minimum, and the storage-system redundancy.


Our entire infrastructure, network devices and servers are monitored through a redundant monitoring system, thus allowing us to be aware of the status of all our services and prevent problems that may arise.


We have defined a series of technical processes for creating data backups of our existing services, enabling not only the redundancy of data but also their safety. All data of our hosting servers are stored several times a day to outside backup servers where customers can access multiple restore points.

Great Uptime

Our entire network is monitored by the minute which ensures an uptime of services very close to 100%, which shows the overall efficiency of our services.


When you subscribe to a service with GetHost4You, it is guaranteed that your site will not be hosted on a server that has no more space or processing for proper functioning. We conduct active monitoring of all servers to prevent overselling services.

Full, Intuitive and Multi-Language Control Panels

We use control panels very easy to use, available in many languages and with the greatest number of features available to our customers. This way you will quickly learn to use the available tools and have total control of your service.

Positive Feedback

Dozens of our customers have left their feedback on the Internet, and the disclosure mouth to mouth is one of the methods that bring us more customers. If you have doubts about the reliability of our service, then look for testimonials of actual experience with our services and support.

Quick Activation

Once the payment of your service is confirmed, an element of our team will carry out the supply of services in minutes. Some of our customers think that the activation service is automatic, once they received the data from your service in less than 5 minutes.

Guides, Tutorials, Videos and useful information

We not only provide the service you subscribe, we also offer training and guides, video tutorials and relevant information so that you can make a maximum use of the service we provide and their features.

Free Migration

Our technical team will transfer the contents of your old provider to our servers, so you will not have to worry about migrating files, databases or emails.


In our company, you can save thanks to the flexibility of our services. You can, for example, at any time make an upgrade or downgrade of your plan to another, paying only for the resources they need.

Market Experience

Our technical team has extensive experience in the market, which guarantees the proper functioning of the entire network and implementing beneficial solutions to the whole infrastructure.

Price / Quality

To enjoy any of our services, you will be presented with a high performance service and professional support at very low costs. This provides an excellent value for money.

Hundreds of Customers

Hundreds of people have already purchased our services. More than 1,500 people can not be mistaken about our service. Our gradual growth demonstrates the confidence our customers have in our company.

Quality of Support

We provide quality technical support, available anytime to help, consisting of an experienced staff that will solve their problems in the shortest possible time. Our support is provided via email, ticket, online support via live-chat and even phone to specific issues.

Complete Solutions

Our team will find and present you with a complete solution that meets your needs. We may implement any kind of that needs at least time possible.

Accreditation and Partners

It isn’t only the feedback from our customers that delivers the confidence in our services. GetHost4You is Accredited by the Official Register FCCN / DNS.PT for the registration of national domains and maintains partnerships with various companies to provide advanced solutions to its customers.

Green Hosting

GetHost4You prides itself for being a company that demonstrates its environmental responsibility by using server-efficiency, low energy consumption, which provides a ratio of processing/consumption of energy at very low levels.

Social Company

Our team maintains a large presence in social networks where you can exchange ideas, ask questions and interact in a more relaxed way with our company. Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Technological Innovation

We are always aware of new technologies and following the market evolution. With us you can be sure that our service will follow the latest market news and our entire team will work daily to provide you with unique and innovative solutions.

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